About José Olé

Since 2000, José Olé has been committed to creating delicious and satisfying frozen Mexican food for you and your family.

We insist on using the finest ingredients, like tender cuts of meat, real cheese, oven-baked tortillas, and authentic seasonings and spices. We know that our commitment to excellence makes the difference.
By choosing José Olé, you bring the fun home to your family and add a feeling of celebration to any occasion. With our simple recipe of real ingredients delivering real satisfaction made real easy, you can rest assured that our snacks, appetizers and quick meals will make your family and friends...
… Just Say Olé

"My family loves all the tasty varieties. Chicken & Cheese Nacho Bites are my favorite. Thanks for such great products."

Barbara Shroka

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"You make the best Mini Tacos and Taquitos!!! I won't eat any other brand, you have my approval for the flavor!"

Joe Smith

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"Everything looks fresh, delicious and easy to prepare. Ready to enjoy!!"

Rebecca Baker

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    I followed the microwave instructions and the product is still cold. What should I do?

    Microwave ovens vary in power, if your entrée is still cold, continue to heat in 30-second increments until the desired results

    How can I speak with the Customer Service Team?

    Our customer service team is available at 1.877.653.2181. We will be happy to further assist you

    Are there any José Olé products sold outside the US?

    We currently just sell products in the US. But, you can order them via Amazon.